Why Your Product/ Service Based Business Needs a Blog

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Blogs! How y’all really feel about them?

I have created and maintained a few blogs, and have been publishing my work since 2015. Blogging is a great resource to control and contribute your own narrative, but it is also a tool that can provide security and detail to your product/service based business. 

So boom, your business probably predominately lives on Instagram. You probably found out about this blogpost from reading my Instagram, lol. But, you are essentially publishing small blog posts on this platform every type you publish a photo with text. You are usually communicating with your followers and potential customers about your products and services, and you depend on Instagram to archive your published work. 

The problem with that lies within depending on social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, or Twitter to protect our product based businesses and services. We are now experiencing shadow banning, manipulated algorithms, fake pages, and the worst of all deleted accounts. This is terrifying when the promotion of your product or service based business LIVES on one of these platforms. 

You feel me, now? Your blog in addition to your e-commerce site can provide greater security as far as always being able to always communicate with your customers and community. Ain’t no restarting your customer and contact list, because you have saved all the emails provided from your blog and/or e-commerce site. You and your customers' communications are secure if anything happens to your business promotion on another platform. 

Okay I know that was intense with the security talk, but here is another practical reason why your product or service based business needs a blog!

You can use your blog to create tutorials for your customers. You can create content explaining how to properly use a product or explain a service. No more repeating the same processes over and over when you have a detailed blog post ready to be used at the convenience of almost any customer. 

The more you play with blogging, the more you will figure out how you can use your vice to uplift and protect your business. 

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