Here's Your Waistbeads Starter Kit

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Waistbeads belong to an ancient West African culture who believes that the womb is sacred and should be spiritually protected and adorned. Traditionally, waistbeads are given during a young woman’s rites of passage as she transitions from girlhood to womanhood. Waistbeads can also be given to a woman trying to conceive children or grieving some from some sort of womb trauma. Though this tradition started in Africa, it has traveled to the Americas and become popular medicine for people throughout the world. They have transcended race and gender, as I have sold waistbeads to men and non African people. If you were ever interested in the sacred use of waistbeads and wanted to create your own, I suggest this starter kit. 

Materials for your Starter Kit

  • Seed Beads/ Assorted Beads - Shopping in person for beads has been the best experience for me personally. I love supporting locally owned bead shops or even going to Micheal's Craft store. Typically size 6/0 works the best with. the bead spinner method. 
  • Bead Spinner - I use to make waistbeads by stringing one bead at a time, and I truly love this meditative process BUT as a business order I need technology to help me create product faster. This tool has been a game changer! 
  • Bead Spinning Needle - The needles that come with the bead spinner are a little awkward and flimsy for me, so I love these needles from Amazon. 
  • Nylon Thread - A nylon or cotton thread works best when using the bead spinner. I found this brand on Amazon as well. 

Now when you create your set of waistbeads intention is everything! From the colors of the beads, to the crystals you add, to the prayer you share… be intentional with your jewelry making process and remember to honor the folks who created this beautiful adornment. 

Until next thyme. Love,

Kayla Johnson @theblackpeppapress

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