Black Women Writers Book Club and a Little on Banned Books

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What’s up y’all?

Thank you for keeping up with our latest blog content. It was inspired by our next book club read which I need to be clear about. Our book club will only feature Black women writers, that is my commitment and vibe. In the age with so many attacks on BIPOC and LGBTQ authors on censorship, I commit to always using my platform to uplift Black women writers who are often challenged for just speaking the

According to the American Library Association, ALA  has “reported 729 attempts to censor library resources, targeting 1,597 books, which represented the highest number of attempted book bans since ALA began compiling these lists more than 20 years ago.” These numbers are only getting higher as there has been an influx of censorship throughout the United States. What the hell is going on? 

I will definitely be researching the motive of these attempts to ban books, because the discussion of critical race theory, gender, sexuality in a book is not enough to ban an entire body of reflective work. They are banning authors like Tiffany D. Jackson, Alice Walker, Zora Neale Hurston, and Tony Morrison. The same authors whose words quickly became the freedom and breathing Black women so desperately needed in a world that already does not center them. Tuh! The audacity! 

But the Black Women Writers Book Club is a book sanctuary for these challenged and banned authors who are reflections of us. Baby you are never banned here! 

Whew had to get that out. 

This October our Black Woman writer is Brittany Hennessy! We will be reading her business book, Influencer. I have already started this read and she is getting my business the deep conditioning it’s been needing! And I know so many Black Woman entrepreneurs who could benefit from this book. 

If that’s you! Join any tier on our Patreon for all the details for our upcoming book club! I got my copy from the library, but the way you are going to want to highlight this entire book, gon head and buy you a copy! 

If you would like to read a list of banned books, check out ALA’s list


Kayla Johnson @theblackpeppapress


Hines, Shawnda. “American Library Association Releases Preliminary Data on 2022 Book Bans.” ALA News, 16 Sept. 2022, 

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