3 Ways You Can Use Your Library Card

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Today you can do so much more than borrow books and access free computers at your local library. Libraries are spaces that evolve with the evolving needs of humanity. Check out 3 ways you can use your library in a modern library. 

  1. Access Free Digital Media - Using your library card online, you can check out audiobooks, e-books, albums, and even films from the convenience of your computing device. You can even use websites like Libby and Hoopla to access digital media for free.
  2. Take Classes - Programs have existed for a long time in libraries, but now we can access programs virtually and attend plenty of creative classes. Check out your library’s upcoming programs, they are usually free to the public. Chicago Public Library offers language classes, storytimes, crafting classes, open mics, author talks, financial advising, computing classes and so much more!
  3. Explore the City - Check your local library to see what discounts it affords you. Here in Chicago, our library offers museum passes to some of the best museums the city has to offer. 

See what I’m saying? Libraries are so dope. I have learned how to sew and use technology I never would have imagined for free. I have met the most genuine people in the library, and access to all they have to offer is our birthright! So please, take advantage and spread the word!


Kayla Johnson @theblackpeppapress

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