The Love Frequency

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The Love Frequency began with a question. What does my frequency truly feel like? Eye felt like eye lost it, because eye had to numb myself. With all this shit changing in the world, eye could not allow myself to feel every moment. 

But there is a thyme were the numbing can become absolutely dangerous. We cannot grow comfortable in the numbness. Eye knew eye needed to be present constantly through this moment. 

Soul my teacher asked me, what does your frequency feel like? Eye cannot lie, but eye tripped on shrooms to find out.  

Lol. Eye cried the entire thyme on my shroom trip. Not necessarily crying out of fear, but of deep gratitude. Crying because when do eye really ever hold the space to release my own pain? Emotions were never meant to be bottled. Eye was into my frequency, which is water. 


Eye received clarity about breath, what true reflection is, and what my boundaries through my trip. Would eye take shrooms again? Not without a deep and intentional question. 

Whilst tripping on shrooms, eye was holding onto my rose quartz the entire thyme. Rose quartz guided me on what eye need to innerstand and heal. Soul rose quartzs is extremely important to this collection, because it is what we need as we build a nu world. We need Moor compassion for self, boundaries for self, and abundance of our people. 

The downloads were necessary and it was important heart chakra work that eye needed to receive. But eye don't recommend folks to do shrooms without a shaman. And not someone from the mountains, but a trusted friend that has done psychedelics before.  

Eye am reminded every day that my frequency and boundary is LOVE. Love gives me clarity to make sound decisions about relationships, commit to my gifts, and live a life where eye can be protected and celebrated at the same thyme. 

Eye hope you love the collection as much as eye do. Love, love, and mo love, 

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